Why You Should Always Wear a Helmet When On a Motorcycle

Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle isn’t just a safety issue—it’s a legal one. There are only two states in the nation that do not have any motorcycle helmet laws: Illinois and Iowa. The rest have their own helmet laws dictating when and how you should wear helmets while on your bike. New York’s motorcycle helmet law states that “it shall be unlawful for any person to operate or ride upon a motorcycle unless he wears a protective helmet.” Failure to wear a helmet could lead to a fine. If you get into an accident while not wearing a helmet and survive your injuries, you could also see your potential compensation decreased. The following are a few potential scenarios and what each does to your ability to recover compensation:

Staying Active After an Injury is Not Only Healthy—It’s Necessary

A study out of Princeton University once found that “the psychological response to injury can trigger and/or unmask mental health issues, including depression and suicidal ideation, anxiety, disordered eating and substance abuse.” To that end, it is important for people who have been injured to engage in activities and treatment that keep them mentally healthy. One of the best ways to do this is to be active as possible, both in terms of physical activity and mental stimulation. Below are some tips to help you do so:

The Statute of Limitations and More for Product Liability Claims in New York

Every state has its own set of product liability rules that allow people who have been injured by dangerous or defective products to seek damages from manufacturers. New York’s laws prohibit sellers and manufacturers from putting these types of inherently dangerous or defective products on the market. If you are hurt by a dangerous product, you must ensure you file your claim within the state’s statute of limitations if you wish to proceed.

How the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Works

Most people who get vaccines will experience no major side effects. As with any other medical treatment, vaccines may cause some complications, but they’re often extremely mild and quite rare. In fact, many health problems that follow vaccinations do not actually stem from the vaccines themselves. On the other hand, there are some circumstances in […]